Lucca Greymoon

The party paladin


Level 7
HP 70/AC 19
Speed 30
Initiative 0
Passive Perception 14
Proficiency +3

Strength 18
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 11
Wisdom 12
Charisma 16

Skill Proficiency

Athletics +7
History +3
Insight +4
Perception +4
Persuasion +6

Lucca Greymoon is the oldest son of a prominent noble in Ebonshore, and a member of The Eclipse. He’s a Middle-aged Human, in his mid 20s. His lifestyle prior to adventuring has left him with strong, noble features with nary a scratch, save for a scar on his right eyebrow. He has Blue eyes that always seem cold during a first meeting and well kept black hair. He keeps his face well shaved and has pale skin befitting of a noble. At 5’10", he’s one of the tallest members of his family.


Lucca grew up in a well to do home, and he was fed all the knowledge his mind could hold on the subjects of the gods. He drank in the knowledge like a sponge of course though, where there is good, evil is never far behind. As he grew older, Lucca learned not only of Gods, but of creatures cloaked in darkness. He couldn’t help but begin to wonder after studying creatures such as Malkizid, if gods such as the solars that he’d spent his life studying could fall, who was to say there were any gods left at all? This thought perplexed Lucca, and so now, he has decided on two things. One, he wants to find a god still worth of praise and adoration, and he wishes to bring Malkizid to to his knees. May his knowledge of light and darkness guide his way.

Lucca Greymoon

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