He's Got His Hooks in You!

03/20/2017 - Session 47

The Pursuer

His Final Form?

Steel, spells, and shafts flew from The Eclipse as they combined their might against a familiar foe. After taking a few more shots, The Pursuer’s ribs burst out of his chest and distorted, growing in length and curling into bone hooks. These hooks dug deep into Grognack and Jebulon, although Lucca received two, himself. The Pursuer began opening a rift in the air that a large, purple finger emerged from. The digit seemed to pull at this rift, trying to expand the size. As it grew, Grognack, Jebulon, and Lucca began getting glimpses of some otherworldly environment that reeked of fire and sulfur. Twisted abominations languished in an endless expanse of brimstone, their horrifying forms seeming to escape comprehension.

Right when it became impossible to distinguish their warehouse base from this nightmarish realm, a lone voice cut through the confusion. An insult laced with arcane energy and a hint of desperation erupted from Reece, catching The Pursuer off guard and ultimately causing his fiendish form to crumple. As the rift was closing, the finger smashed the Pursuer’s corpse down through the brand-new floor and into the waters below. The Eclipse defeated The Pursuer for a third time.

Base Building Part II

Long Rest Boogaloo

After their ordeal with The Pursuer, everyone was anxious to get some well deserved rest. Jebulon mended the damage to the floor and door as Reece took a short rest, and played an uplifting tune on his Lute. Jebulon finished his task and headed off to bed as Reece took first watch. Ulindil took over after 4 hours, and both watches passed without issue.

The next day, the party split up to accomplish various goals. Lucca and Reece set off to purchase a magical lock for their vault. They successfully convinced Elizabeth Surekeep to deliver not only a magical lock, but also an iron door. Jebulon and Grognack managed to purchase a set of decent furniture for their respective rooms, although Grognack did request that Jebulon fill his room with druidcrafted flowers for Barbarella. Ulindil sought Alvin the Carpenter and, with some investigative work, managed to locate his shop on the north side of town. He agreed to return back to the base and quote a price for Ulindil’s perch, which he estimated at 40 gold pieces.

As Jebulon and Grognack returned, they found Crelah outside arguing with Barbarella. It would seem that Barbarella was performing her duties admirably, not even allowing an honorary member of The Eclipse into the base. The misunderstanding was cleared up, not by Crelah’s emotive gesticulation, but through calm dialog.

While Jebulon was Druidcrafting Grognack’s room “full of flowers”, Crelah entered to escape the aforementioned amorous Half-Orc. While Jebulon was instructing them on Druidcraft (which Crelah couldn’t quite grasp), he asked a question that had been bothering him: Was Crelah a guy or a girl? This blunt and seemingly-unexpected question surprised them, although they did manage a response.

Danton’s Visitation

Belles of the Ball

Lord Danton paid a visit once again to The Eclipse, this time inviting them to a formal Spring Ball. It would seem that the Aristocracy wished to extend an invitation out of politeness, although he did emphasize that their attendance was not required. The party didn’t quite come to a decision, as various goals were discussed shortly afterwards.

As The Eclipse potentially wraps up their duties in Orboris Harbor, many questions still loom. Who, or what, exactly, is The Pursuer and the purple-skinned entity from the rift? What exactly were they trying to accomplish? What is happening in Roseknoll and The Woods? Is everything in Ebonshore alright? Hopefully, they will be able to answer these questions soon.


Bobstah Ulindil

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