The Woods

A mysterious town buried deep in the southeastern edge of the Phandewilds, “The Woods” is the prime example of a jape gone too far. Originally spoken in Elvish to travelers as a jest, the Wood Elves became known as a community willing to trade for imported spices, tools, and weapons. Eventually, the original name faded and the town was referred to simply as, “The Woods.”

The town is a mixture of tree-top abodes, hollowed-out trunk houses, and more traditional log homes built in recent times as the population continues of expand.

A thriving, if not small, market is located in the center of town where imported goods can be procured in exchange for currency and Wood Elven crafts.


The Woods was founded in 17 P.O. (Post-Orboris) by a detachment of exiled Wood Elf Rangers searching for a new home after refusing to conform to High Elven societal norms in New Orboris. The Rangers followed their ancestral teachings and built their houses out of and in the tops of trees. Most of The Woods’ history has been uneventful.

In 443 P.O., a long-dormant nest of Basilisks was accidentally uncovered by new construction. They awoke and began rampaging through the town, killing unprepared elves in droves. Unfortunately, the Ranger Conclave was preoccupied with a recent Kenku insurgency and could not assist. A young trainee named Ulindil skipped out of his duties for romance and instead found himself the lone protector of The Woods. One impressive shot struck the Alpha Basilisk through one eye and out the other, slaying it on the spot. The remaining Basilisks decided to take this opportunity to establish a new Alpha, delaying their rampage through the town long enough for the Conclave to return and reestablish order.


The Government in The Woods is largely informal. The Ranger Conclave keeps law and order and settles disputes, however rare they may be.


The Woods has a small standing army of Wood Elf Rangers, led by the Ranger General. Occasionally, you can spot a Druid or two offering support.


Nature is revered above all else. The primary form of art is woodcraft through nature-based magic, mainly Druidcraft. Small trinkets and figurines made in this way fetch a high price at markets in Rynton’s Clutch, so many traders make it a habit to travel to The Woods in their caravans.


The Woods has no formal alliances or associations with any external cities or groups.

The Woods

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