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The roots of magic in Ceslea are unknown, but the there are surviving records and individuals with insight into the formal study of it.

Crelah Novastella, a former pupil at the Arcane Academy, has survived through to the current day as a result of a trial gone wrong. The knowledge they possess has lifted the veil of obscurity that shrouded the founders of the aforementioned school: Tzat the Dirunal and Edaan the Nocturnal. These individuals accidentally discovered a type of magic originating from the Sun and the Moon. As recorded in their journals, they believed this was a remnant of creation, and and such treated it with great respect.

Through their continued study, their thirst for more and more knowledge of the arcane grew. When attempting a new ritual, they mistakenly came into contact with an entity that called itself The Stargazer. This entity offered Tzat and Edaan access to the third pillar of magic: The Stars. An unknown deal was struck and thus, the Stellarium where created. Along the Dirunists and Noctomancers, these powerful Wizards cemented Orboris Harbor’s place as the early powerhouse on Ceslea.

Many Diurnal and Nocturnal spells have been lost to time, but some surviving records (and Crelah’s memory) have outlined some basic principles. Dirunal magic was largely defensive and supportive in nature, whereas Nocturnal magic manipulated the elements to defeat one’s foes. Below is a sample of known spells:


  • Cantrip – Bright
  • 1st Level – Diurnal Raiment
  • 1st Level -Cure Wounds (see Player’s Handbook)
  • 2nd Level – Lightstep
  • 2nd Level – Sunburst
  • 3rd Level – Cauterize Spirit
  • 3rd Level – Warmth
  • 4th Level – Creation Rays
  • Feat: Radiant Spirit – Once per long rest, cast any Diurnal spell up to second level as a bonus action. This increases to two times at 4th level, three times at 10th level, and four times at 17th level.


  • Cantrip – Palebolt
  • 1st Level – Nocturnal Raiment
  • 1st Level – Malefic
  • 2nd Level – Repulse
  • 2nd Level – Moonbeam (see Player’s Handbook)
  • 3rd Level – Tidal Wave (see Player’s Handbook)
  • 3rd Level – Endarken
  • 4th Level – Moonlight Shadow
  • Feat: Reflective – When you cast a Nocturnal spell, you may duplicate any dice rolls at half their value. This costs a spell slot of half the level of the spell being duplicated.


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