Sildar Hallwinter

Officer of the Lords Alliance. Retired Commander from Ebonshore.


Sildar Hallwinter is a retired Commander from Ebonshore’s Guard and an Officer of the Lords Alliance. He’s an older Human, in his mid 50s. His grizzled face sports a few scars, one underneath his left eye and another near the center of his chin. He has brown eyes and wild, silvery hair with an equally bushy beard which contrasts against his olive skin. At 6’0", he’s of slightly above-average height, although he’s developing a hunch from wearing heavy armor most of his life.


Act I: Phandelver

He hired Grognack Bassor to guard him and Gundrin Rockseer while travelling between Ebonshore and Phandalin. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by a group of Goblins with a Bugbear commander named Klarg. They were taken captive and locked inside the Cragmaw Hideout, west of the Triboar Trail.

A group of adventurers who eventually became known as ‘ The Eclipse’ was hired by Charles Barthen to investigate his missing caravan. After searching, they found the Cragmaw Hideout and successfully liberated both Grognack and Sildar. Gundrin was apparently in another location.

From there, Sildar invested great time in securing Phandalin after the Redbrands were kicked out. Not much is known about his efforts during this time.

After learning of The Eclipse’s victory over Venomfang in Thundertree, he obtained permission from everyone to send out a general missive proclaiming the strength and ambition of the once repressed mining town. Unfortunately, and much to Sildar’s dismay, Jebulon’s name attracted the wrong kind of attention.

After clearing the Wave Echo Cave of most harmful threats, Sildar watched as The Eclipse was chased out of town by an envoy of Udisian Knights led by Agatha Silvergrin. During this confrontation, a Dragonborn he held great respect for perished. Reidoth Barkscale was struck down by a band of adventurers Sildar himself had hired to defend Phandalin.

Act II: The Coven

The party accidentally encountered Sildar while arriving at a courthouse for their petition against Lady Carmella. He was standing trial for treason against Orboris Harbor at the time. During the proceedings, he called on witnesses from Roseknoll who provided documentation that their pleas to Orboris Harbor fell on deaf ears and that Sildar’s band of adventurers eventually routed the threat. He was acquitted of all charges.

After his trial, Sildar briefly shared his apologies for what transpired in Phandalin. The party, especially Jebulon, accepted them and did not hold a grudge. He watched as the party was bamboozled into a Zone of Deceit spell, which caused them to lie about their actions in the city. They were sentenced to the the-echo, a magical prison used by the city. Jebulon managed to resist the longest, and Sildar tried to pull him out of the arcane vortex. Unfortunately, Jebulon’s energy was fading and both he and Sildar were drawn in.

Sildar Hallwinter

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