Reece Brightwood

Half elf from the noble house of Brightwood in Orboris harbor. Entertainer and bard extraordinare.


Reece Brightwood is a half elf in his early twenties, the adopted son of Darian and Rose Brightwood. Favoring his elvish half Reece has blonde hair, that he keeps long and pulled back, green eyes and stands 5’10" tall. Slightly muscular, a very athletic build due to his favoring of tumbling acts he performs for wages.

Reece is always look for adventure and a good time, he’s dependable, trustworthy and true, but never counted among the very wise.


At a young age I was adopted by my father Darian Brightwood, not knowing he truly is my grandfather. I was born out of wedlock; The result of my father a visiting noble from an elf family. Darian kept my true parents a secret to protect the family name.

At a young age my gifts of the arcane manifested itself when my words inflicted a bloody nose on another boy. Darian then sent me to train at the Arcane Academy. It was there I became enamored with Headmaster Ballazar Fenkenkebraden’s tales from his younger days of dragons, bandits, and good friends. After a few semesters time I pursued song and acrobatics over academics, leaving the school to explore the world in my own way. During this time I discovered more and more than my words had the power to conjure magical effects to aid me in tight spots.

Then on a fateful night during a party at my family’s estate, I unwisely mocked an oversensitive noble. In the past, this was charade was quite the crowd pleaser and was never seen as a snub. Unfortunately, this man took very personally what was said and, in his rage, tore my prized one of a kind lute away from me. Being a gift from my father and Ballazar, it was very dear to me. However, I dared not contest this man for I feared he would do me or my family harm. For my safety and my family’s, I left and have been gone for nearly a year.

In these travels I stumbled upon this group of talented individuals that I am currently working with now. They, and now I, are working to root out the corruption that plagues the major governments of Ceslea.

Reece Brightwood

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