Jebulon Ozdemir

Moon Druid ,Cleric of Tymora ,Lawful good, first of his name


HP: 88
Str: 19 (4)
Dex: 10
Con: 18(4)
Int :16(3)
Wis: 18(4)
Cha: 16(3)

AC : 16 (Studded Leather, Purple dress robes over the top)
Passive Perception : 22

Athletics : + 7
Nature : +5
Animal handling : + 6
Perception : + 6
Intimidation: + 6
Arcana +9
Religion +9

+7to Spell attack
Spell DC : 17

Height : 6’7"
Weight :300lbs
Green Scales
Blue Eyes
His head is adorned with 2 smaller horns on the sides and one bigger horn in the middle .
Left shoulder and left side is scarred from an attack he suffered as a child .
Typically adorns his armor with horns and bits of bramble from different areas


Jebulon Ozdemir is the bastard son of the commanding General in Udis. His wife, Agatha Silvergrin, despised me the day he brought me home . On my first birthday she took me out into the woods along with her bodyguard, Content Not Found: iarno-albreck and I was left for dead. She told my father that I was killed by wolves and that she and Iarno barely escaped unscathed. Unbeknownst to her a male wood elf saw everything and rescued me after they left. Once i was healed he brought me to a Druid named Reidoth Barkscale who decided to take me in. He taught me everything he knew about his Druidic ways and culture.

On my 16th birthday he told me the story of how I was abandoned in the forest and about the wood elf that saved me. I decided to join the [udis|military] not just to gain notoriety and earn my fathers love and respect, but also to right the wrong that was done to me. I spent 16 years as a scout in the military where my knowledge of nature and the Druidic ways aided my reconnaissance abilities. Once my military service was complete , I began to seek out a way to restore my rightful place in my family when I was stranded in a small mining hamlet known as Phandalin.

Jebulon Ozdemir

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