Grognack Bassor

barbarian, neutral/good, 7 feet of awesome, yellow eyes, black hair, pale skin, age 30.




Grognack was born into a loving family. His father, Rashen Bassor, was a soldier who grew tired of bloodshed and decided to become a farmer. His mother was aloni, a half orc who was rescued by Rashen Bassor and his men. her village was completely wiped out by raiders. She was fortunate to have survived, having gone to gather food in the nearby forest. Rashen Bassor fell deeply in love in her and wanted to start a family. he found himself a peaceful plot of land and became a farmer. they had three children, Grognack, Sunani and Sinda. Life went on without worry until a stranger came calling on day. He said his name was Tangor Mormoth and he was curious about the area. They talked for as while about this and that, my father noticing the man’s odd glances at his wife and kids, then the man left. A week went by without incident until one day, Tangor mormoth returned to the farm. this time he brought friends. He was a slaver and had the utmost hatred for half orcs. Rashen was slain and aloni and the children were taken captive. they were separated and sold into slavery. Grognack endured the harsh life of slavery until one day, freedom came at last. the tribe of Rothack attacked the slave encampment, freeing the slaves and killing their masters. Grognack asked to join the clan and the leader, Doth Barak, agreed. He trained him in the arts of combat and survival. Grognack learned much from Doth. He learned to kill without hesitation. As well as how to ease his pain with drink. After seven long years with the tribe of
Rothak, Grognack parted ways to find his mother and sisters and to seek revenge. He would vow to not rest until he found them, and to seek his revenge on Tangor Mormoth.

Grognack Bassor

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