Crelah Novastella

Unintentional time traveling Elvish youth, rescued from The Echo


Crelah Novastella is a former student of The Arcane Academy rescued by the party from The Echo. They are about 5’5" tall with a slim and lithe frame, not unusual for an Elf. Crelah’s shoulder-length shiny blonde hair, pale skin, and dark blue eyes display their obvious High Elf heritage. More often than not, Crelah seems to favor plain, loose-fitting robes.



Crelah, a student at the Arcane Academy in Orboris Harbor had attempted and failed the Trial of the Sun with a few classmates. It would appear as though they moved on, but for some reason Crelah remained in stasis.

Act II

Ulindil and Grognack were the first to encounter Crelah, with Grognack showing Crelah a spell by casting Punch on Ulindil.

After explaining their situation to the party and Sildar Hallwinter, Crelah assisted them with finishing the Trial of the Stars. Afterwards, they went back to the Arcane Academy where Crelah saw what had become of things. After a night of rest, Crelah again assisted the party with tracking down Lady Carmella, although instead found themselves face to face with the Remnants of Tzat the Diurnal and Edaan the Nocturnal. After subduing them and defeating the Stargazer that possessed them, Crelah burnt his Spell Tome and has stopped practicing Astral magics.

As the party was receiving commendations for their service to Orboris Harbor, Crelah received an envelope detailing his mother’s will. It expired over 100 years ago and as such, Crelah had no home, title, or claim. Realizing that their spells, home, and family were all gone, Crelah became depressed and tried drinking, although this made it a bit worse. Afterwards, Crelah hid inside the Arcane Academy.

The party, worried after Crelah’s absence at the parade, searched the Arcane Academy. Crelah was located on the 4th floor, sobbing uncontrollably over the contents of the scroll. After being soothed, Crelah decided to assist the party with their endeavors. This started by accompanying Reece on a shopping trip.

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Crelah Novastella

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