Cade of Rynton's Clutch

Ex-Eclipse member, Rogue


Rogue level 5
HP 33
AC 16. Proficiency +3

Strength 19 (gauntlets) base stat 8. Mod +4 save +4

Dex 18 mod +4 save +7

Con 13 mod +1 save +1

Int 11 mod 0 save3

Wis 10 mod +0 save +0

Cha 16 mod +3 save +3

Rogue expertise stealth and deception.


Cade grew up in an orphanage run by the last bit of benevolence left in Rynton’s Clutch. As such, he was unfamiliar with his parents or heritage. Dissatisfied, he set out on his own at a young age and lived a rough life on the streets. Over time, he honed the skills of Deception, Stealth, and Acrobatics to better aid him in his pursuits. His feats and proficiency with the aforementioned skills caught the attention of the Thieves Guild, which offered him a home and family like he had never had. Through his contacts, he began performing tasks for the Mercantile Association as a thief and pickpocket.

However, all good things must eventually come to an end. On a routine job, Cade made a simple mistake that caused his friend, Hob Cobblefoot, to be left behind. The target of the burglary found Hob and killed him in self-defense. Shaken by these turn of events, Cade told the Vicar of the Thieves Guild that he intended to leave. Unfortunately, recompense for Hob’s death was due. To arrange his freedom from the guild, Cade was sent to Phandalin to steal an important gem that the city treasured.

Spoilers for Act I and Act II Below

He later discovered that there was no such gem and that he had been intended to meet his end at the hands of Baderon, an assassin for the Mercantile Association. Along the way, he befriended a group of adventurers and fell into something far deeper than he ever imagined in the sleepy town of Phandalin.

After liberating Phandalin and defeating The Black Spider, Cade and his party were chased out of town and retreated to Rynton’s Clutch. After, again, assisting a town by expelling the corrupt and evil Mercantile Association, Cade learned of his lineage and relation to Rynton Gritbeard, namesake of Rynton’s Clutch. He decided to part ways with his group and stayed behind to assist Rynton with rebuilding the city government.

Cade of Rynton's Clutch

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