Two Steps Forward
Sessions 51-55

Wew lad

Where dey at doe ?

Some things have happened…..

“We Are The Champions”

I’ve paid my dues
Time after time.
I’ve done my sentence
But committed no crime.
And bad mistakes ‒
I’ve made a few.
I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face
But I’ve come through.

And I need just go on and on, and on, and on

We are the champions, my friends,
And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end.
We are the champions.
We are the champions.
No time for losers
’Cause we are the champions of the world.

I’ve taken my bows
And my curtain calls.
You brought me fame and fortune, and everything that goes with it.
I thank you all.
But it’s been no bed of roses,
No pleasure cruise.
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race,
And I ain’t gonna lose.

And I need just go on and on, and on, and on

We are the champions, my friends,
And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end.
We are the champions.
We are the champions.
No time for losers
’Cause we are the champions of the world.

We are the champions, my friends,
And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end.
We are the champions.
We are the champions.
No time for losers
’Cause we are the champions. Of the world

Unfinished Business
04/24/2017 - Sesson 50


Old Friends

The Eclipse arrived in Phandalin late in the morning and stabled their horses. Talk of shopping at favorite shops and visiting familiar friends spread across the party, leaving Reece somewhat fascinated by this quaint town. Ulindil and Reece made their way to Barthen’s Provisions, Jebulon and Grognack went to visit Sister Garaele, and Lucca headed towards the Dragon Head Inn to see Felora.

Ulindil and Reece made their way to Barthen’s Provisions as Ulindil needed to procure a set of Studded Leather Armor, accidentally leaving his behind in Orboris Harbor. Ulindil was expecting Chloe, but instead met a shopkeep he was unfamiliar with. The odd fellow did sell him the armor he required, along with two quivers of arrows. Reece attempted to purchase a diamond, but was told that they didn’t sell gemstones at Barthen’s Provisions. He did receive slightly incoherent directions to the Miners Exchange, which is where they headed next.

Upon arriving at the Town Hall per the directions, Ulindil looked three buildings to the right and saw a normal house. Uncertain, Reece began to head into the Town Hall before Ulindil noticed that a sign with a pickaxe hung on a building that was three to the left of the Town Hall. Sighing, he informed Reece and they headed inside. It was here that they encountered their first friendly face of the day, Gundren Rockseer. They exchanged a bit of friendly banter before Reece attempted to buy a diamond. Unfortunately, the only one they had was not only spoken for, but also far outside of their price range. With their affairs in order, they headed for the Dragon Head Inn.

Meanwhile, Jebulon and Grognack went to the new Temple of Tymora and attempted to meet with Sister Garaele. She wasn’t in, so Jebulon took the opportunity to donate a significant sum of gold and instruct Grognack on what tithing is. Grognack, too, attempted to tithe and pray to Tymora, and he found that he felt pretty good afterwards. Afterwards, they went outside to wait where they saw Ulindil and Reece heading towards the Town Hall. Sister Garaele arrived shortly thereafter, and they discussed how things were going in Phandalin. The temple was doing well, and so was Sister Garaele and her daughter, Marianne. After their conversation, Sister Garaele extended an invitation to both Jebulon and Grognack to join her and Marianne for dinner, which they graciously accepted. With their conversation over, Grognack and Jebulon spoke of proper etiquette as they too headed towards the Dragon Head Inn.

Lucca arrived first at the Dragon Head Inn and was greeted by the bartender, Chuck. He looked a little worse for wear, with a noticeable lazy eye and thinning hair, but he seemed to be in good spirits. Lucca inquired about Felora’s whereabouts and was directed to the cellar, where he found her apparently taking inventory. They had a short, private discussion, after which they both headed upstairs.

Phandalin, Part II

Old Enemies

The party, minus Lucca, came together at the Dragon Head Inn for drinks. They sat at the bar and inquired about Lucca and were informed that they went upstairs. After a bit of banter at Lucca’s expense, Jebulon heard a heavy footfall behind him and felt something jab into his back. He stood up and spun around quickly, seeing a tall, hooded Half-Orc form standing before him with his head held low and halberd in his chest. The object Jebulon had felt was the hilt of a halberd; The bladed side was pointed into this Half-Orc’s chest. Jebulon tried his best to discern what was going on, but the Half-Orc only replied with one word: “Dishonor.” Jebulon continued to ask questions, and the Half-Orc somberly said, “I did not know what I did.” He tossed back his hood and raised his head. Jebulon, Grognack, and Ulindil recognized the imposing figure as the Half-Orc that had slain Reidoth, likely with the same halberd that was drawing blood from his chest. The Half-Orc continued, “Are you adventurers? Do you get paid to kill the bad guys? I was paid to kill the bad guys.” As he continued to speak, he pushed himself against the halberd, drawing more blood from his self-inflicted chest wound.

Seeing this, Jebulon attempted to remove the halberd but was overcome by the emotional burden of the situation; His strength left him. Ulindil stood and tried to break the handle with a well-placed bow shot, but his attempt also failed. Jebulon implored the Half-Orc to take a walk with him to earn back his honor. Begrudgingly, the Half-Orc accepted and they walked outside together. It was there that Jebulon learned the name of this marauding Half-Orc: Bob. Jebulon told Bob that he would forgive him, but only if he pledged himself to Sister Garaele at the temple in town. Bob thought about this and was persuaded to accept the offer. He began walking off towards the temple, halberd on his back, and released a short whistle from his lips. A large wolf emerged from one of the side alleys and walked up to him, matching his stride.

Meanwhile, Ulindil gave Reece the basic information around this Half-Orc and what exactly was going on. Jebulon returned a short time later, and filled Reece in on the details.He told the party what transpired, and also inquired about Lucca’s whereabouts. As he had not been seen, he went upstairs and knocked on both his and Felora’s door to no response. He went back downstairs and got himself and Grognack cleaned up. Jebulon requested Reece do the work with Prestidigitation, while Grognack got another taste of Ulindil’s Tireless Janitor. After getting properly cleaned up, they headed towards Sister Garaele’s house for an uneventful, but pleasant, dinner. During this, Reece attempted to find a good place to perform to no avail, while Ulindil stayed behind at The Dragon Head.

The next day, the party noticed that Lucca and Felora were still nowhere to be seen. Jebulon announced his intent to travel to Thundertree and check on the vegetation there. Grognack volunteered to go with him, and they departed shortly afterwards. Ulindil and Reece, decided to investigate Lucca and Felora’s rooms a bit further. They went upstairs and tried knocking to no avail. Next, Ulindil decided to peer through Felora’s keyhole to see what was going on. What he saw horrified him and prompted Reece to take a look. He, too, saw something that made his stomach turn. They both retreated downstairs and shared a drink before going their separate ways.

Reece, realizing that he didn’t have a set of thieves tools to pick the lock, went to Barthen’s Provisions to obtain some. While there, he encountered the same unscrupulous shopkeep behind the counter. After discreetly asking for lockpicks, the shopkeep accused him of being a thief. Reece denied it, and the shopkeep, now known as Brutus, gave him a set. When Reece went to pay, Brutus grabbed his hand pulled him in, whispering, “You’re one of us, right? The Redbrands will return!” Reece, unsure of what this meant, headed back to The Dragon’s Head to converse with Ulindil.

After being informed of what the Redbrands were, they headed to the Temple of Tymora and met up with Sister Garaelle and her daughter, Marianne. They told her what Brutus had said, and she seemed nonchalant about the news, even dismissing it. When they asked about the old hideout, Marianne spoke up and told them about the rumors she heard about the whispers in the old Tresendar Manor cellars. Hearing this, they decided to investigate. What they saw shocked them: Two individuals wearing dark leathers and wearing tattered red cloaks standing by the old cistern. Ulindil’s instincts kicked in, and he sensed that there were numerous undead in the area. He and Reece agreed to retreat for the time being.


Old Enemies, Part II

Jebulon and Grognack arrived in Thundertree without much issue. They noticed a few zombies still shambling about, but they posed no threat to their combined might. They made their way past the skeletal remains of Venomfang and into Reidoth’s old hideout, which was bittersweet for Jebulon. Things seemed fairly tame, although the roof had been compromised by the dragon on their last visit. They decided to rest before heading to investigate the tower that Venomfang lived in. Upon arriving inside the tower, they noticed that the treasure they could not carry was no longer present. Jebulon decided to investigate the roof when both he and Grognack began hearing a voice in their minds, blaming and taunting them. They both recognized it as Tristan, the dragon cultist that perished attempting to negotiate with Venomfang.

As Jebulon continued to climb the rickety stairs towards the top of the tower, the planks kept snapping beneath him as Tristan disparaging both of them. Grognack decided to descend first, followed shortly by Jebulon. Tristan, in his new raspy voice, told them both that they were not free to leave and that when he perished, he found some latent power in the area, or that the power found him. Jebulon recalled the Lich Phylactery that they had destroyed on their last adventure to Thundertree, and became intensely concerned at what they might be dealing with.

WIll Jebulon and Grognack escape the Tower? Can Reece and Ulindil get to the bottom of what is going on in Phandalin? What has become of Lucca and Felora? Only time will provide these answers, and hopefully they are not as tragic as their return to a sleepy little town called Phandalin.

Back to the Beginning
04/10/2017 - Session 49

The Bloody Ball

Murderous Monsters & Aberration Assassins?

The Eclipse continued their fight at the Spring Ball, trying their best to save Lord Danton, Crelah Novastella, and the rest of the nobles that had gathered together that evening. The aberations proved stronger than they had once been, however The Eclipse’s strength had also grown severely. Lucca, hearing the commotion, drew a card from the Deck of the Stars and felt his legs move at a rapid pace. He dashed back towards the former Throne Room and, upon arriving, saw the Alllosaur form of Jebulon standing next to an unexpected sight: Tricera-Danton. Using his Channel Divinity, he began laying hands on the injured nobles, bringing them back to consciousness.

Jebulon continued to rip and tear alongside Grognack, who pounded the monstrosities into submission with Rynton’s Warhammer. Ulindil was harried by a relentless foe, however he was able to dispatch him as well. Reece and Crelah fired off combat and supportive spells, maintaining the party’s health and wearing down their enemies. During the fray, even the Pianist managed to activate the Lord’s Momentum, an ancient piano enchanted by T’zat the Dirunal himself that bolstered The Eclipse.

With the tide of battle swinging their way, The Eclipse managed to defeat all but one of the assailants, who escaped using some kind of magical means. Thanks to Lucca and Reece, there were no casualties. Jebulon, noticing that Danton remained fairly frozen for the entirety of combat, used a Greater Restoration spell on him. This seemed to clear up whatever ill effects he was experiencing, and he again thanked the party for their valiant efforts to defend Orboris Harbor from this aberration insurgency. He also seemed to believe that this was a calculated attempt at deposing the Aristocracy as they were all gathered into one place. Barbarella, Ulindil, and Reece remained to stand guard outside of Lord Danton’s chambers while Jebulon walked Crelah home. Lucca and Grognack retired to the base and got their affairs in order.

The Aftermath

Basic Arithmetic: Diamond + Magic = ???

The next day, the party split up to remediate their outstanding business in Orboris Harbor before beginning their long journey to Phandalin and Ebonshore.

Reece went to the Arcane Academy and met with his mentor, Ballazar Fenkenkebraden. Together, they looked up a spell from one of the Sealed Tomes to hopefully reveal an entity’s true form. It was written in Old Draconic, and even though Reece used a Comprehend Languages spell, the book still seemed to fight against his attempts to interpret it. He focused his magical abilities and was able to understand the majority of the spell’s verbal and somatic components, and also had a diamond on-hand to cast the spell on. He thanked Ballazar and headed back to the base.

Grognack, meanwhile, retrieved the chests they had brought back from Phandalin. Jebulon and Lucca returned the Sun Armor that Lucca rented from the Bearded Anvil.

After coming back together, The Eclipse went to the Tower of Rule to discuss Reece’s Reveal True Self spell to Lord Danton. Upon arriving, they noticed a heavy military presence in the courtyard, likely a deterrent to any further attacks against the Aristocracy. Reece performed the spell to the best of his ability and enchanted the diamond to some degree. He went to the courtyard and peered through it, noticing that 5 of the guards were not what they seemed. After handing the diamond over to Lord Danton, he viewed the guards and marched over to a weapon rack. He grabbed a greataxe and proceeded to decapitate one of the aberrations in a few swings from behind. He pointed out the remaining marauders and watched as his squadron dispatched them with ease. The Eclipse left the Diamond with Lord Danton at his request. After arriving back at the base at packing up their belongings, The Eclipse prepared to depart for Phandalin the next day.

Back to the Beginning

The Roads to Phandalin

The next morning, The Eclipse saddled up and headed out. The first half of their journey was uneventful. They passed by the little-known hamlet of Greatgrain, meeting a few youths on the road. As they passed the Pearlcrest fork and went into the forest south of Rynton’s Clutch, they heard odd voices coming from the trees around them. It sounded as though Jebulon, Grognack, and Ulindil were in the trees, injured and pleading for help. Lucca forcefully demanded that they ignore the cries and press forward, which they successfully did.

They stopped in to Rynton’s Clutch for a short time and checked on things. The town wasn’t as busy as it once was, but there was still a fair bit of commerce happening. They met with Simius and a few of the remaining Elders at the Tribal Government’s Town Hall and managed to bargain for a hand mirror that could be used to reveal the true form of a hag. Although Cade and Rynton did not appear to be around, they did ask about him and learned that he had been taking care of the remaining Thieves Guild strongholds that remained in the city. Once their business was complete, they hit the road once again and continued their trek north.

A day later, they hit familiar territory. Jebulon, Lucca, and Ulindil saw the site of their first battle as a team on the Triboar Trail. There were no goblins and no ruined cart blocking their path this time. As they turned down the path towards Phandalin, everyone but Reece bore the same bitter memory of their exile from the town they helped liberate. Jebulon saw and heard the halberd blow that ended Reidoth’s life as he stood there, arrows in his back and daggers in his side, desperately maintaining his Wind Wall spell to save both his and his party’s life from the pursuit of Agatha Silvergrin’s Dragonborn Knight entourage. Fortunately, as they passed through the guarded wooden archway leading into the town, everything seemed normal.

The Eclipse has returned back to where it all started, in Phandalin. While their journey has lasted four months thus far, they have rapidly grown in power and renown. However, they have attracted the attention of equally powerful enemies. The aberrations continue to plague the towns they visit, The Pursuer seems to have a talent for survival, and there have been Hags in almost every major town. Additionally, they’ve heard worrisome stories of happenings in Roseknoll, The Woods, and even Ebonshore itself.

As The Eclipse heads to Phandalin and Ebonshore, how and where do their enemies advance?

The Spring Ball
04/03/2017 - Session 48

D&D – Designers and Dresses

Clothes Shopping, yay!

After Lord Danton excused himself from The Warehouse, the party split to finish up some business in Orboris Harbor. After a quick sending spell to inform Rubi that they were en route, Reece, Ulindil, and Crelah traveled to the school and found that Ballazar Fenkenkebraden, the headmaster, had returned from Ebonshore with his students. After introducing him to Crelah, they discussed the current situation. Ballazar had attempted to research Hags while in Ebonshore, but could not find any information. At Reece’s behest, he began looking into The Stargazer they encountered outside T’zat and Edaan’s study.

With that, the small party departed towards Crelah’s new abode. Upon arriving, they found it to be a quaint house nestled just outside a nice market district. There was no furniture, but Crelah did seem to accept the domicile as it was. Reece told Crelah his desire to get The Eclipse to purchase their furniture, which left Crelah predictably exasperated. When Reece and Ulindil began to head towards Reece’s manor, Crelah decided to head back to The Warehouse.

Reece and Ulindil arrived at Reece’s manor relatively quickly and found that many different sets of formal wear had been placed in the foyer for their perusal. Reece quickly found one of his favorite outfits, a garish royal blue coat and slacks, paired with a white dress tunic that ruffled underneath the next. Ulindil picked out a more plain green suit with intricately carved wooden cufflinks. As Ulindil’s outfit was a bit too short, they headed to a nearby tailor to have it adjusted before retiring to the Warehouse for the evening.

Meanwhile, Jebulon, Lucca, and Grognack set off to find outfits for themselves. They were able to locate a tailor without much issue and located outfits for themselves. Jebulon settled on a purple robe with a black triangular border pattern, where Lucca just purchased a red hooded cloak with white and gold trim. Grognack, on the other hand, found a dapper evening outfit complete with cape. After agreeing to the price for the outfits and alterations, they headed over to the armor shop where Lucca had sold the ornate armor they located inside the Echo. After a bit of haggling, they agreed on a rental price for the aforementioned armor and headed back to The Warehouse.

As the sun sank into the harbor, the group gathered in the middle of their warehouse at Reece’s behest. He informed everyone that Ballazar, along with the students, had returned. After a bit of back-and-forth, Reece invited Crelah to go to the ball with the party. Showing obvious discomfort, Crelah managed to stumble over a few reasons why they could not attend and departed for the evening.

Afterwards, Lucca retreated to his room early while Reece hit the town and magnificently performed a tumbling routine at a nearby market. Jebulon tested out his new hole-in-the-floor by becoming a Polar Bear underneath the warehouse and investigating it. Ulindil remained stoic, as usual, and watched the remainder of the evening unfold from his new loft.

Dawn of the Day of the Ball

The (Fancy) Eclipse

After a long and uneventful rest, the party came together in the morning around the time that Crelah arrived at The Warehouse. After a bit of planning for the day, Jebulon asked Crelah to come into his room so that he could show them something. Lucca wasted little time in approaching the door and pressing his ear to it. His reaction seemed to indicate he picked up a bit of conversation, and he accompanied Jebulon and Crelah to the market where they did some shopping. Meanwhile, Reece, Ulindil, and Grognack went about their business following up with Ballazar and picking up their alterations.

An hour before the Spring Ball’s start time, the party was dressed and ready, save for Crelah, who had not returned with Jebulon and Lucca. Upon arriving at The Tower of Rule, they found quite a gaggle of nobility outside in the training yard, which had been cleared for the occasion. Lucca approached Lord Danton and Lord Oolacile and exchanged pleasantries. Jebulon kept an eye out for Crelah while Reece used a Sending spell to confirm they were attending.

A fanfare rang out across the yard as the doors to the Tower of Rule opened. The nobles formed a haphazard line fairly quickly and entered as both Lord Danton and Lord Oolacile thanked them for attending. Lord Danton made sure to shake the hands of Ulindil and Grognack as they entered, complimenting Barbarella as well. Jebulon, Lucca, and Reece waited for Crelah outside the Portcullis.

Inside the Tower of Rule, Ulindil hung back and watched as Grognack and Barbarella latched onto each others’ arms and spun around in the center of the room, laughing and enjoying themselves to the pianist’s tune. Outside, Jebulon, Lucca, and Reece were discussing strategy and where to go next. Roseknoll seemed to be the choice for both Jebulon and Reece while Lucca expressed his trepidation about delaying travel to Ebonshore any longer. While discussing this, they heard a soft voice express that Roseknoll would be a fine choice, considering its proximity and that Carmella had seemingly headed in that direction. Turning around, the party saw an Elf with shiny blonde hair and dark blue eyes standing behind them. Crelah’s face was done in nice makeup and their hair had been styled and curled at the ends. It cascading across their exposed shoulders as the dress clung to her arms. It dipped down into a slight V-shape, confirming that Crelah was definitely female. Jebulon and Lucca expressed their approval of the outfit and told Crelah that she looked nice. Reece was initially a bit flabbergasted, although he recovered and told Crelah that she was beautiful in Elvish. Lucca offered her his arm, and she tentatively placed her hands on his elbow as they headed inside.

Once inside, Crelah approached the pianist and listened to him play. Reece, on the other hand, attempted to take over for the pianist, quickly learning that the piano was enchanted in some way and rejected his attempt. Lucca, seeing that everything was going well, decided to excuse himself from the ball after a few songs. Jebulon approached Crelah with the intent of asking her to dance, although his approach was interrupted by shocked voices and a few screams. As the party looked in the direction of the screams, they saw a dark figure on Lord Danton’s back, pulling something out of his neck. Reece quickly let loose a heat metal spell to force the attacker to drop his blade, although it seemed to have no effect. Ulindil let loose an arrow, pegging the attacker as Lord Danton tossed him from his back. Lucca, now in the training yard outside the tower, heard the screams and sprinted back towards the interior.

The guards around the room had become disfigured in an all-to-familiar style: They had grown and shifted against their armor, causing bits and pieces of it to bulge outwards and bend. Their hands had been replaced with brutal pincers and tentacles. The party also noticed a few individuals inside the room that had not been seen before, also unnaturally sporting a stinger and a tentacle, but wearing familiar Thieves Guild armor from Rynton’s Clutch, although it looked quite worn and faded.

Jebulon shouted, “Trust me, Danton!” and polymorphed him into a Triceratops before Wild Shaping himself into an Allosaurus. Ulindil managed to finish off Danton’s assailant, but during their attempt to save Danton, 4 nobles were knocked unconscious by the attackers while one managed to stand his ground. Crelah was also stung and slashed by one of the roguish aberrations’ stinger and bladed tentacle, injuring them significantly.

As this week draws to a close, many questions remain for The Eclipse. Can they prevent massive losses to Orboris Harbor’s aristocracy? Can they protect their friends while doing so? What exactly is going on with these aberrations from Rynton’s Clutch? Hopefully, they can save the aristocracy, their friends, and get to the bottom of this situation next week.

He's Got His Hooks in You!
03/20/2017 - Session 47

The Pursuer

His Final Form?

Steel, spells, and shafts flew from The Eclipse as they combined their might against a familiar foe. After taking a few more shots, The Pursuer’s ribs burst out of his chest and distorted, growing in length and curling into bone hooks. These hooks dug deep into Grognack and Jebulon, although Lucca received two, himself. The Pursuer began opening a rift in the air that a large, purple finger emerged from. The digit seemed to pull at this rift, trying to expand the size. As it grew, Grognack, Jebulon, and Lucca began getting glimpses of some otherworldly environment that reeked of fire and sulfur. Twisted abominations languished in an endless expanse of brimstone, their horrifying forms seeming to escape comprehension.

Right when it became impossible to distinguish their warehouse base from this nightmarish realm, a lone voice cut through the confusion. An insult laced with arcane energy and a hint of desperation erupted from Reece, catching The Pursuer off guard and ultimately causing his fiendish form to crumple. As the rift was closing, the finger smashed the Pursuer’s corpse down through the brand-new floor and into the waters below. The Eclipse defeated The Pursuer for a third time.

Base Building Part II

Long Rest Boogaloo

After their ordeal with The Pursuer, everyone was anxious to get some well deserved rest. Jebulon mended the damage to the floor and door as Reece took a short rest, and played an uplifting tune on his Lute. Jebulon finished his task and headed off to bed as Reece took first watch. Ulindil took over after 4 hours, and both watches passed without issue.

The next day, the party split up to accomplish various goals. Lucca and Reece set off to purchase a magical lock for their vault. They successfully convinced Elizabeth Surekeep to deliver not only a magical lock, but also an iron door. Jebulon and Grognack managed to purchase a set of decent furniture for their respective rooms, although Grognack did request that Jebulon fill his room with druidcrafted flowers for Barbarella. Ulindil sought Alvin the Carpenter and, with some investigative work, managed to locate his shop on the north side of town. He agreed to return back to the base and quote a price for Ulindil’s perch, which he estimated at 40 gold pieces.

As Jebulon and Grognack returned, they found Crelah outside arguing with Barbarella. It would seem that Barbarella was performing her duties admirably, not even allowing an honorary member of The Eclipse into the base. The misunderstanding was cleared up, not by Crelah’s emotive gesticulation, but through calm dialog.

While Jebulon was Druidcrafting Grognack’s room “full of flowers”, Crelah entered to escape the aforementioned amorous Half-Orc. While Jebulon was instructing them on Druidcraft (which Crelah couldn’t quite grasp), he asked a question that had been bothering him: Was Crelah a guy or a girl? This blunt and seemingly-unexpected question surprised them, although they did manage a response.

Danton’s Visitation

Belles of the Ball

Lord Danton paid a visit once again to The Eclipse, this time inviting them to a formal Spring Ball. It would seem that the Aristocracy wished to extend an invitation out of politeness, although he did emphasize that their attendance was not required. The party didn’t quite come to a decision, as various goals were discussed shortly afterwards.

As The Eclipse potentially wraps up their duties in Orboris Harbor, many questions still loom. Who, or what, exactly, is The Pursuer and the purple-skinned entity from the rift? What exactly were they trying to accomplish? What is happening in Roseknoll and The Woods? Is everything in Ebonshore alright? Hopefully, they will be able to answer these questions soon.

Not-So Trivial Pursuit
03/13/2017 - Session 46

Grognack & Ulindil

A Poonhound and an Elf trek cross-continent.

Grognack and Ulindil both awoke from their slumber feeling restored, however each had an inkling of something being off in the back of their minds. Over breakfast, they discussed this sensation with Ulindil narrowing the cause down to Felora, the madame and owner of the Dragon’s Head Inn where they shacked up for the evening. The escorts that had accompanied them to their beds were nowhere to be seen, but Felora herself did briefly join them for breakfast.

Grognack headed out to Barthen’s Provisions and spoke to the now-owner, Chloe , about the rings he had ordered the prior day. She made good on the deal and provided them to Grognack in a simple pine box. Ecstatic, Grognack clumsily thanked Chloe before snatching the box and dashing out of the shop towards The Dragon’s Head Inn at full sprint.

While Grognack was away, Ulindil had a chat with Felora and confronted her about her “girls” that stayed the night. Felora unabashedly confirmed the accusations of her girls draining a bit of vitality from both him and Grognack, although this seemed to conflict with the instructions they were given. She further discussed a dilemma she was having with Sister Garaele, the local priestess of Tymora. Felora seemed to believe that Garaele was on to her and asked Ulindil to put in a kind word. He agreed, and Felora excused herself from the conversation. A few minutes later, Ulindil felt that twinge of distress from earlier dissipate.

Grognack returned to the Dragon’s Head Inn and wasted no time in showing off the rings he purchased to an ambivalent Ulindil. Together, they headed to the Temple of Tymora and spoke briefly to Sister Garaele, relaying kind words regarding Felora. Sister Garaele questioned them on their thoughts regarding Bailey , to which Ulindil also responded with his trust, yet insisted that Sister Garaele keep an eye on her just-in-case. Marianne, Sister Garelle’s daughter, poked her head out from behind the temple door and requested that Ulindil tell Jebulon “Hi!” for her.

After this conversation, Ulindil and Grognack met up with the caravan from Barthen’s Provisions and the wagon that Charles Barthen had prepared for them. They departed for Orboris Harbor and had an uneventful trip.

Jebulon, Lucca, & Reece

Druidcrafting doors, Mammoth Paladins, and Lightning-Bard shenanigans.

Meanwhile, back in Orboris Harbor (and ~10 days in the past), Reece dealt with the results of testing his new lightning bolt spell on a willing Lucca. Fortunately, Jebulon managed to cast Polymorph on Lucca, turning him into a mammoth to better withstand the attack. Lucca was fine, but the lightning bolt continued to travel through him and into a crate filled with raw ores. The energy reacted with a now-disintegrated material inside, causing the crate to catch fire while partially reflecting the lightning bolt back at the caster. Reece’s swift reflexes allowed him to leap out of harm’s way, however the ramshackle door Lucca had rigged on their new base was blown into piece and entirely off of its hinges.

Jebulon began Druidcrafting the fire out and, seeing this, Reece began his own work with Prestidigitation. After it was mostly under control, Jebulon turned his focus to the doorway. After a brief consultation with Lucca (“You can Druidcraft a door?” “Yeah.”), Jebulon grew a thick batch of saplings out from the wooden door frame that was set in the stone walls.

A few minutes later, they heard a familiar soft-spoken voice wafting through the new druid door. Crelah had arrived and was uncertain about passing through this highly questionable door, but did so regardless. Shortly thereafter, Lucca decided to wait outside. An older, portly fellow presented himself as Alvin , a carpenter sent by Lord Danton . After being shown inside, his keen eye found many structural issues. He demonstrated this by wedging a small pocketknife into a knot, causing an entire roof beam to wiggle precariously. He offered to provide the party with some temporary support beams, braces, and a simple wooden door at no additional charge. His quote to replace the wooden floors, walls, and ceiling was accepted by the party. These arrangements were added to the warehouse later that day.

As Alvin was departing, he bumped into another middle-aged human that had managed to find his way here. Erwin the cloth merchant had arrived to appraise the crate of cloth that Reece had spoken of. After examining all that Reece had to offer, Erwin offered 200 gold pieces, a far cry from the original 900 plus a platinum piece. Reece attempted to persuade him to no avail, and called Crelah over for assistance. Fortunately, Crelah was uncharacteristically charismatic, which got Erwin back up to 600 gold pieces. A bit more haggling by Reece and a price of 800 gold, 1 platinum was agreed upon.

It was nearly 11 am now, and no other merchants and craftsmen had presented themselves. The party was starting to get concerned with Lucca noticed an entourage of guards rounding the far corner. In their midst was Lord Danton and Adjucator William, followed closely by a gaggle of roughly 30 people. Some were wearing finely-dyed robes and silks while others sported somewhat worn leathers. Lord Danton explained that some kind of enchantment had apparently been keeping this place hidden, causing those attempting to find to overlook it or have a fuzzy recollection of its location. Lord Danton excused himself while Adjucator William was shown inside. After some time, he managed to dispel the enchantment.

Elizabeth the arcane locksmith arrived as well and began negotiating a price for an incredibly secure magical lock. The best lock she could make would cost 1500 gold, while a more budget-friendly lock would run them 800. The party decided to pass on this option for now.

Later that afternoon, Grognack’s newest fling stopped by to inquire about the job defending the warehouse. Barbarella was already a town guard, and the party agreed to match her current salary of three gold per month while providing her a place to stay.

Over the remaining two weeks that Grognack and Ulindil were gone, Reece taught Crelah a simple cantrip, “Minor Illusion,” while also performing evening shows. Lucca began drawing up plans for the base while Jebulon took this time to relax. They all purchased beds, Reece with a nicely made straw and down bed, Jebulon with a down bed with some kind of supports inside that nicely absorbed his form, and Lucca with the finest bed he could find in the city.

The Eclipse, Reunited

A Half-Orcish wedding and nighttime visitations.

Late into the evening on the 14th day, Ulindil and Grognack returned from Phandalin. They stabled their wagon at the city gates, arranged for The Eclipse’s supplies to be delivered to the warehouse the next day, and made their way back to the warehouse. Upon arriving, Grognack’s jubilation got the better of him and he shouted, “HEY YOU GUYS!” He did not expect a slightly softer, yet uncannily deep voice to return his call from inside the warehouse. Barbarella burst through the door and sprinted towards Grognack. They met each other’s arms, and Grognack called out for everyone to meet him outside. They did, and as soon as Grognack pulled out the wooden box, Reece began playing a tune on his lute. Grognack’s proposal seemed to catch Barbarella off guard, but she accepted.

After the festivities settled down, Lucca and Jebulon took first watch. They heard a whooshing sound followed by impact on their brand-new roof. Heavy footsteps and metallic sounds proceeded to where their front door was. Again, they heard an impact sound outside their door and saw the outline of two feet cutting off the moonlight from the outside. The doorknob twisted but did not open. Twisting again, this time more frantically than before. It still did not open. Suddenly, a metal hook-like object pierced through one of the beams on the door and ripped it off. An arm clad in loose fitting leather reached inside and went for the lock. Lucca, who had positioned himself nearby, swung his trusty sword Talon at the foe’s appendage. His strike rang true, but it did not stop the intruder from unlocking the door and ripping it off the hinges. Jebulon unleashed his Blight spell to great effect, causing some of the intrude’s leather robes to disintegrate. Underneath, they saw a familiar sight: layers of chains wrapped around a purple-skinned torso. The Pursuer had found them once more.

Various members of the party awoke and proceed out of their rooms to assist in the confrontation. All was going well until the Pursuer unwrapped all of his chains and extended bat-like wings. His claws grew 4 inches and appeared to be made of translucent metal. His fangs did much of the same while dripping a pungent mixture of saliva and blood. It would seem that the real fight had only just begun.


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