Introduction to Ceslea

In Ceslea, history is young and still being written. Many of the great cities have begun losing some of their roots as the written word takes hold. Verbal traditions have started fading and, as such, some culture is being irrevocably lost.

Act I: Phandelver

The party’s story begins in the year of 530 Post-Orboris (Or, P.O.) as they all converge on the small village of Phandalin, en-route to their various destinations. The caravan they expected to ride to Rynton’s Clutch and beyond did not show. Of the delayed travelers, four stepped forward at the promise of gold and/or glory: Jebulon Ozdimir, Cade, Ulindil of The Woods, and Lucca Greymoon.

Together, these four set out on the Triboar Trail to search for clues of the missing caravan. This is the story of their triumphs, defeats, and everything in-between.

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